We are high efficiency heating experts and are licensed all across Nassau and Suffolk counties.  

We have performed nearly 1,000 heating installations all across Long Island.  

  • Licensed and Insured
  • Accredited
  • Professionally trained and certified
  • Master Plumber on staff
  • On time
  • Clean
  • Quality Installation

We pride ourselves on our ability to combine the craftsmanship of traditional plumbing with new age technology and equipment. 

Some contractors look to utilize old components from your old heating equipment, like circulator pumps, gate valves and old pipe, in order to save a few bucks.  We don't do "chop and swaps"...in other words, we install quality heating equipment with new components.   Though this is not the cheapest up front option, it pays in the long run. We evaluate the condition of your home and it's needs prior to offering equipment to you.  We offer properly sized, properly installed systems that save you money over time. 

  • We install new circulator pumps.  We offer digital display pumps that save you up to $70 per pump, per year, on your electric bill.  This smart technology regulates the water flow through the heating loop and reduces electrical usage based on the heat and hot water needs of your home. 
  • We remove as much of the old copper pipe as possible.  We install new copper, sweat all joints and test for leaks.  Our equipment and material is built to stand the test of time. 
  • We isolate individual returns.  This makes servicing your equipment more convenient in the future and allows you to purge (bleed) air out of your heating system with ease, to ensure proper heat delivery.  Air-bound systems reduce the amount of heat that is delivered to your home. 
  • We install high quality air separators to to minimize the amount of system purging (bleeding) needed to remove air from the system. 
  • We install new ball valves that have a high resistance to leaks.
  • We remove and/or abandon oil tanks as part of our Oil to Gas Conversion process. 
  • Unlined masonry chimneys deteriorate over time leading to the emmission of harmful gases into your home.  They also pose risk of chimney fires.  We install new, properly sized, double-walled stainless steel chimney liners with our gas heating equipment to prevent health and safety concerns. 



Our product line features oil and gas systems that perform at high efficiency levels and are guaranteed to save you money.  

We install boilers, atmospheric hot water heaters, indirect fired water heaters, furnaces and heating accessories.  


We install all types of heating applications to existing and new heating equipment. 

  • Baseboard
  • Radiators
  • Radiant Floor Heating

Take control of heating and cooling in your home. 

We offer Wifi capable thermostats that allow you to reach levels of comfort in your home that you never imagined.  

With ease, you can condition select areas of your home without wasting energy and fuel.