Free Home Energy Assessment

The first step is to evaluate your home to identify your home's energy efficiency improvement opportunities.  During your FREE home energy assessment our technicians conduct several tests to determine how your home can be improved. 


    • We check insulation levels in your attic spaces and walls.


    • We conduct blower door testing to identify leakage points throughout your home that cause drafts and lead to levels of discomfort.   

    • We also use infrared technology to assess insulation levels in hard to reach locations throughout your home.  We can "see behind" your home's walls to locate areas that can be improved upon. 


    • We generate solutions for unwanted moisture accumulation in your home. 

    • We test your combustion appliances to ensure carbon monoxide emissions are not endangering your loved ones. 


    • Your home energy assessment is FREE.  When we are done evaluating your home we develop a custom solution that will increase your home's energy efficiency.

    • We pre-qualify you for access to rebates and financing options that will make your project with us affordable and cost effective. 

    • Should you choose to move forward with us, we are there for you throughout the entire process to guarantee your satisfaction.  


Insulation Services

Do you have areas of DISCOMFORT throughout your home?  A lack of insulation, or poorly installed insulation, can be the likely cause for your discomfort. 

  • Insulation levels:

    • A common misconception is that if you are heating and cooling your home, your home will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  That is not always the case.  Insulation levels in your walls, attic spaces and crawlspaces are a vital factor in how your home retains heat and cooling.  If your insulation is installed incorrectly, or at in improper depth, your home cannot retain heat and cooling, nor can your heating and cooling equipment operate efficiently and effectively.  A poorly insulated home will cause you to constantly run your heating and cooling appliances while you chase unattainable levels of comfort in your home, which drives up your energy costs.  We identify insulation improvements that will allow you to achieve levels of comfort throughout your home at a lower cost. 


Air movement in unwanted locations can reduce your home's energy efficiency.  

All of the holes, gaps and cracks in your home's walls, attic spaces and crawlspaces allow unwanted airflow to reduce the effectiveness of your home's insulation, thus leading to reduced energy efficiency.  We are experts when it comes to locating these leaky areas and sealing them up correctly. 

Air Sealing

During the heating season, warm indoor air rises through your home and escapes through holes around windows, doors, recessed lighting, plumbing and electrical penetrations. The movement of air generates a reduction in pressure at the lower levels of your home, which causes colder air from the outside to be drawn into your living space. The reverse is true during the cooling season; warm outside air enters your home, making it harder for you to achieve the level of comfort you desire. 

This is known as "stack effect."

  • Many of the holes and cracks that contribute to stack effect are located in areas of your home that are unfamiliar to you, like attics and crawlspaces. 
  • During your FREE home energy assessment, our team of experts will create an air sealing solution that will decrease these unwanted leakage points and dramatically increase your home's energy efficiency. 

Duct Sealing

Many homes have leaky duct work and the result is the loss of airflow and the potential for harmful allergens to enter your duct work through these leakage points.

Duct sealing increases the efficiency of your forced air system by minimizing loss of air flow, which allows your home to reach the desired level of conditioning faster.

Duct sealing also prevents harmful allergens from your attic and crawlspace areas from entering your forced air system, which increases indoor air quality, allowing you to breathe easy in your home. 

High Efficiency Heating

Your heating system is a vital component within your home. The key is to have your heating system deliver the desired level of heat throughout your home, while using the least amount of energy to do so.  

Our product line features oil and gas systems that perform at high efficiency levels and are guaranteed to save you money.  

Pair high efficiency equipment with our other services, such as insulation, weatherization and air sealing to maximize your savings and keep your heating equipment running smoothly for years to come.