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Ned Kaufman
Ned Kaufman
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The men showed up when (actually before) they said they would and were extremely friendly and courteous. They quickly figured out the problem and fixed it in no time. The bill was exactly what I was told it would be and was QUITE reasonable. I would not hesitate to use them again and recommend them
Arielle & Rawle Anoop
Arielle & Rawle Anoop
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When it comes to problems like these, you need a professional organization that can take the problem off your hands, handle it, and leave you feeling the problem never existed. That what Sampson's plumbing did for me. I highly recommend them. Professional, diligent, speedy, timely, no complaints. Employ them for your plumbing needs and thank yourself for making a smart decision later.
Susan Woods
Susan Woods
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Changing over to Natural gas, from oil and propane. They were very professional and very very clean. Covered everything including the rug, I did not have to clean anything when they left. Also they were very respectful, I would highly recommend this company. The owner was only a phone call away and answered all my questions, thanks Joe!
Anthony Ziniti
Anthony Ziniti
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I called the office at 8am because I had a pipe that was leaking. They were not only polite and professional but someone showed up at 10am and expeditiously fixed the leak and a very fair price. I couldn’t be happier with what was done and will be continuing recommending this business to anyone that needs their services.
Audrey Troyka
Audrey Troyka
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We hired Joe Sampson's Plumbing & Heating to fix a faucet in which there was hardly any water flow. They came yesterday, showed up promptly, were professional and courteous, fixed the problem in under a half hour, and made good on the initial estimate. They also saw that we were wearing masks and they put them on too (thanks!). We will be using them again in the near future!
Nick T
Nick T
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Two gentlemen on Joe's team arrived on time and they gone it done, no problems. I was impressed by their work. The plumbing itself looked great, and the work area was clean. I know it's a messy job! I appreciate the hard work and integrity of Joe and his crew. To add, speaking with Carolin before and after the installment was delightful. She is so kind and easy going! Thank you for a positive experience.

Conversion Burner Oil to Gas Services in Babylon, NY

Many residents in the New York area still run their houses on oil. While oil can still be a good thing to heat your home on, it is a thing of the past for most residences. However, an oil-to-gas conversion can be a tough decision to make. Thankfully, Joe Sampson’s Plumbing and Heating, LLC is here to help you through this tough process and decision!

Can I Convert My Oil Burner to Natural Gas in Babylon, NY?

It is possible for you to convert your oil burner to natural gas. However, you would need the proper converter and you would need to have it professionally installed by an expert technician. Additionally, it might not be the best decision for you to convert your oil burner to natural gas. The reason behind this lies in the fact that you should have your furnace or boiler replaced about every 15 years. Depending on the time that you last had it replaced, it might be a better financial decision for you to replace your oil burner with a natural gas one rather than trying to convert it.

Why Do I Have to Replace My Furnace or Boiler Every 15 Years?

Unfortunately, even the highest quality heating systems will eventually wear down and break. If they do not break, they will at the very least not run at their full efficiency, or you might be looking at some costly repairs. According to the United States Department of Energy, it is recommended that you replace your furnace or boiler about every 15 to 30 years depending on the quality, brand, and make of the furnace or boiler. Some furnaces or boilers last a bit longer than others, so it is important that you check with an expert before making a decision like that one. Give us a call at 631-430-5057 and we will be able to help walk through whatever problems you might have!

Should I Repair or Replace My Conversion Burner Oil to Gas in Babylon, NY?

Generally, the rule of thumb is centered around the age of your furnace or boiler, which is about the 15-year mark. If your furnace or boiler is younger than 15 years, then it is usually best to have it repaired rather than have it replaced. Furthermore, if your furnace or boiler is older than 15 years, then it is usually best to have it replaced rather than repaired. However, this rule of thumb is not the same for every single furnace or boiler. If your furnace or boiler continues to have to be repaired, then it might be time for you to replace it rather than repairing it, even if it is younger than 15 years old. As always, be sure to get in touch with an expert before making any final decisions.

How Much is an Oil to Gas Conversion in the Suffolk County area?

Every home in Suffolk County is different. No one home is going to cost the same for an oil to gas conversion in Babylon, NY. However, there is a range of prices and oil-based ones are normally much more expensive than natural-gas-based ones. A basic furnace or boiler that runs on natural gas is going to cost about $1,500 to $3,000, depending on a number of different factors. A high-end furnace or boiler that runs on natural gas is going to cost about $3,500 to $5,500. For a basic furnace or boiler that runs on oil, your price range is anywhere between $2,000 and $8,000. For a higher-end furnace or boiler that runs on oil, your price range is even higher: a whopping $4,500 to $10,000. These numbers are listed as a range, so your home could be on the upper end of the lower end of the range. It all depends on a number of different factors, so be sure to speak with one of our experts before you make any final decisions! Our team of well-trained, professional technicians are here to help advise you on any oil to gas conversion questions or decisions you might want to make! Remember that Joe Sampson’s Plumbing and Heating, LLC is here to help! Just give us a call at 631-430-5057 and we will get you in touch with one of our representatives as quickly as we possibly can!

How much does hooking up a conversion burner oil to gas cost in the Suffolk County area?

Obviously, hooking up your conversion burner oil to gas is going to cost a bit. When an oil to gas conversion is done on your house, there are two primary things that occur in the connection process: connections outside the house and connections inside the house. Your local utility company will run a natural gas service line underground from the gas main to your house. From there, they will install a meter. Normally, this service can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500, but it is possible that your local utility company will do it free of charge because they are searching for more customers in your area. Furthermore, it is also possible that you already have a natural gas service line in your neighborhood that connects to your house. In that case, all you will have to do is get in touch with your utility company to turn it on. The second part of this job can be done by your contractor and costs anywhere from $500 to $1,000. This entails connecting and piping the gas from the meter directly to your heating plant.

Joe Sampson's Plumbing and Heating, LLC is here to help residents in Babylon, NY!

If any or all of this is a bit confusing to you, then do not worry! Joe Sampson’s Plumbing and Heating, LLC is here to help! Our team of trained professionals can help you with any oil to gas conversions in Babylon, NY! Our services are unmatched compared to any other company in the Suffolk County area! Our team has years of professional training and plenty of experience on their backs! Be sure to give us a call at 631-430-5057 and we will get you on the line with any number of our expert technicians!


The Town of Babylon is one of ten towns in Suffolk County, New York, United States. Its population was 218,223 as of the 2020 census. Parts of Jones Beach Island, Captree Island and Fire Island are in the southernmost part of the town. It borders Nassau County to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. At its westernmost point, it is about 20 miles (32 km) from New York City at the Queens border, and about 30 miles (48 km) from Manhattan. The village of Babylon is also within the town.

The region was once called Huntington South. Nathaniel Conklin and Nathan Kowitt moved their families to the area, and around 1803 named it New Babylon, after the ancient city of Babylon.

The town was officially formed in 1872 by a partition of the Town of Huntington.

The following communities and locations are within the Town of Babylon:

  • Amityville, in the southwestern part of the town.
  • Babylon, in the southeastern section of the town.
  • Lindenhurst, in the southern part of the town, between the villages of Babylon and Amityville.
  • Captree or Captree Island
  • Copiague
  • Deer Park
  • East Farmingdale
  • Gilgo, includes communities of West Gilgo Beach, Gilgo Beach, and Cedar Beach
  • North Amityville
  • North Babylon
  • North Lindenhurst
  • Oak Beach, includes community of Oak Island
  • West Babylon
  • Wheatley Heights
  • Wyandanch
  • Amity Harbor, in the hamlet of Amityville
  • Copiague Harbor, in the hamlet of Copiague
  • Captree Island, an island partly in the southeastern part of the town and containing part of Captree State Park.
  • Cedar Island, an island in the Great South Bay.
  • Gilgo Island, an island in the western end of the Great South Bay.
  • Grass Island, an island in the Great South Bay.
  • Thatch Island, an island in the Great South Bay.
  • Oak Island, an island in the Great South Bay.
  • Cedar Beach
  • Gilgo Beach
  • Oak Beach
  • Overlook Beach
  • Belmont Lake State Park, a state park in the northeastern part of the town.
  • Captree State Park, a state park partly in the southeastern section of the town and adjacent to the Fire Island Inlet.
  • Gilgo State Park, an undeveloped preserve on a barrier island on the southern side of the town.
  • Robert Moses State Park, a state park on Fire Island, is partly in the town.
  • Fire Island Inlet, a passage between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great South Bay.
  • Tanner Park, Town of Babylon, Copaigue, New York
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