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Oil To Gas Conversions In South Huntington

Get an Oil to Gas Conversion Burner in South Huntington, NY

Many homeowners in Suffolk are still heating their homes using oil. This is not only a more expensive method to heat their homes but also a less efficient method and it is bad for the environment. Converting to natural gas is cost-effective, more efficient, and better for the environment.

The Last Thing People in Suffolk Need is More Oil

Oil is a fossil fuel that has helped power and heats the world for centuries. However, the last thing homeowners in Suffolk need are more oil. The world’s reliance on oil has helped fuel global warming and is costing us billions of dollars every single year because of its impact. 

Oil is a Major Contributor to Global Warming

When we burn oil, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere. Once these two gases make it into the atmosphere, they break it down and help contribute to the warming of our planet. A statistic from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2013 showed that petroleum accounted for forty-one percent of the United States carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels. That is a number that is staggeringly high, and in order for us to avoid the major impacts of global warming, we need to lower that number drastically. A study found by Greenpeace showed that in order for us to avoid the worst parts of global warming, we must avoid using up more than 1/3 of the world’s oil reserves. Furthermore, we must also make sure that one hundred percent of the oil found in the Arctic remain there in order to limit the severity of future high-temperature rises.

Why Does Carbon Dioxide Contribute to Global Warming so much?

The temperature of our planet is dependent upon two things: heat that is coming from our Sun and heat that bounces back into space. Oil is an entity that, when burned, releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. When this carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, it traps some of this heat on our planet that would otherwise be lost to space. As a result, the temperature of the Earth increases, and global warming ensues. 

What is a Good, Clean Alternative to Using Oil?

One of the cheapest, efficient, and cleanest alternatives to burning oil is natural gas. Natural gas, unlike oil, does not emit sulfur dioxide when it burns. Furthermore, natural gas releases half of the amount of carbon dioxide that oil releases. It is also much cheaper for residents in South Huntington, NY and it is a more efficient way to heat your home.

What Are Some of the Downsides of an Oil to Gas Conversion in South Huntington, NY?

While there are plenty of upsides for an oil to gas conversion, there are also some downsides for an oil to gas conversion burner in South Huntington, NY. Here are some of the downsides that might come along with an oil to gas conversion burner:

  • The Price of an Oil to Gas Conversion Can Be Costly

One of the downsides of an oil to gas conversion burner is the cost of conversion. In some places in South Huntington, NY, the price of an oil to gas conversion could be up to $8,000. However, this is not the case for everyone and depends on many different factors. Some oil to gas conversions in South Huntington, NY are as little as $1,500. Be sure to speak with one of our representatives to get a quote on the price for your home!

  • The Quality of Service, Quantity of Service, and Speed of Service of Some Companies – It Can Take a Long Time

Another downside of an oil to gas conversion in New York is the quality of service, quantity of service, and the speed of service of some companies. Sometimes, local oil companies can be easier to deal with than natural gas companies. Some natural gas companies are corporate entities that are solely focused on profit and nothing else. As a result, the quality of service, quantity of service, and speed of service can suffer greatly. A faceless, corporate company can be a frustrating thing to deal with. However, this is not the case for every area so do not think this is the norm. There are plenty of good natural gas companies out there, and plenty of bad oil companies out there. This is just another thing to consider when you are getting oil to gas conversion for your home.

  • Could be a Bad Return on Your Investment

One of the most frustrating things about an oil to gas conversion is that you might not get the best bang for your buck. Many companies in South Huntington, NY might try to screw you over by telling you the price of natural gas is cheaper than oil. Some of them might not even know they are doing it. However, our expert technicians at Joe Sampson’s Plumbing & Heating, LLC are trained professionals in advice like this! You will not have to worry about getting screwed over on the price of an oil to gas conversion. In fact, many residents in South Huntington, NY have seen a positive return on their investment in just a few years!

Joe Sampson’s Plumbing & Heating, LLC Offers EXPERT and PROFESSIONAL Advice on Oil to Gas Conversions!

Here are Joe Sampson’s Plumbing & Heating, LLC, we are committed to delivering you the best possible expert and professional advice on oil to gas conversions in the Suffolk area! For any questions that you might have, we will be sure to answer them! With years of professional training and years of experience in the field, our expert technicians know how to get the job done right! You will never have to worry because you will be in our hands! For all of your oil to gas conversion services, Joe Sampson’s Plumbing & Heating, LLC is the right choice for you! Just give us a call at 631-430-5057 and we will put you on the line with one of our professional and expert technicians as soon as possible! Give us a call today!

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