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Choosing A Plumber in Nassau County: 5 Questions To Ask Local Plumbers Before Hiring One

While there are plenty of home repairs that you can do yourself, there are certain jobs that are better left in the hands of a professional. Plumbing is top on the list of things that you should never attempt to do on your own. Even if you have a pretty good understanding of how your home’s plumbing system works and you feel confident you can tackle repairs yourself, using a licensed professional plumber is recommended. Something that seems simple at first glance like a leaky faucet or pipe could end up being a lot more complex and you may not have the knowledge, experience, or tools to get the job done.

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Plumbing repairs need to be handled properly, otherwise, you could end up doing more harm than good. With that said, finding a licensed residential or commercial plumber might not seem like a difficult task. A simple search for “plumbing companies near me” on the internet will reveal plenty of local plumbers to choose from. However, just like any other professional that you’d hire, you want to make sure that you’re choosing the best. Instead of going with the first plumber you find, thoroughly vetting potential candidates is highly advisable.

How do you go about finding a reputable plumbing contractor? Compile a list of at least three local licensed and insured plumbers and then ask some key questions. The answers to these questions will help you determine if the plumbing professional is reliable and the right person for the job.

5 Questions To Ask Local Plumbers

  1. Are you licensed?

This should be the first question you ask when interviewing a prospective plumber. Most East Hills homeowners assume that all local plumbers are licensed, but that’s not always the case; a lot of plumbers operate without a license. In order to be licensed, plumbers need to successfully pass stringent licensing requirements and upon doing so, they are registered with a state or Nassau County governing body. In other words, licensure indicates that the plumber has the knowledge and experience that you can rely on to get your plumbing job done correctly.

Since not all East Hills, NY plumbers are registered, you definitely want to ask before you hire one. Don’t just take their word for it, either; ask to see proof. A reputable professional won’t have any problem sharing this information with you. If they’re hesitant, dismiss your request, or come right out and tell you that they aren’t licensed, keep on looking.

  1. Are you insured?

Insurance is just as important as a license. Insurance protects you from having to pay for any potential problems that may happen. At a minimum, the plumbing contractor should have general liability insurance. If the plumbing contractor employs staff, they should have workers’ compensation coverage, too. With general liability insurance, if the plumber damages your property, you won’t be on the hook for covering the cost of any necessary repairs. With workers’ compensation insurance, if a technician who is employed by a plumbing company is injured while working on your property, you won’t get stuck footing the bill for any medical care that he or she may require.

Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of insurance. Just like licensure, a trustworthy professional will be more than happy to divulge this information.

  1. Do you guarantee your work?

Even a licensed, highly-experienced and completely proficient plumber can make mistakes. An error could be made while installing a fixture, finding a leak or unclogging a pipe – they could install a faulty component, or you just might not be satisfied with the work they did. If something does go wrong or you aren’t happy with the end result, you shouldn’t have to pay even more to make the necessary corrections.

Ask prospective local plumbers if they guarantee their work, and if so, what that guarantee includes. For instance, if you’re dissatisfied, will they correct the problem free of charge? Not only can a guarantee save you a lot of money, but it also certifies that a plumber is confident in their abilities and if problems do arise, that plumber is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you are satisfied.

  1. Are all costs included in the estimate?

All local plumbers in Nassau County should offer a free estimate; if they try to charge you for an estimate or ask you for payment upfront, those are major red flags. Also, you shouldn’t trust estimates that are offered over the phone. To provide an accurate estimate, a plumber needs to actually check out the situation. Phone estimates are usually used as “foot-in-the-door” sales tactics. In other words, the plumber will likely hike up what they initially quoted you because they’re already on the job and they know that instead of trying to find another plumber, you’ll likely pay the higher price just to get the job done.

A truly reputable plumber won’t give you an estimate until they inspect the problem. Make sure you find out what the estimate includes so that you aren’t hit with any surprises. Labor and materials should definitely be included in the price, and a really reliable professional will also include any unforeseen problems that may arise in their price quote.

  1. When do you expect payment?

Make sure you find out when the plumber expects to be paid. If they ask you to pay in full before the work even begins, keep on shopping. If someone asks for payment upfront, they may rush through the job or may not do all of the work that needs to be done because they’ve already been paid.

The manner in which you’ll be asked to pay usually depends on the type of work you’re having done. For a minor repair – clearing out a line or installing a standard plumbing fixture, for example – you’ll likely be asked to pay the entire bill once the service is rendered. However, if you’re having something major done – a main sewer line replacement or you’re installing radiant floor heating, for instance – you’ll probably make installment payments; that is, you’ll pay for the total cost of the project in increments, with the final payment being made upon completion.

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